Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Director of DOBA Business School Awarded the Oscar for Economic Achievements

At the 53rd GZS Awards for Outstanding Economic and Entrepreneurial Achievements, which were held yesterday at the Studenec pri Krtini Summer Theatre, Jasna Dominko Baloh, Director of DOBA Business School, received the award of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia for outstanding economic and entrepreneurial achievements for the year 2020.

From the reasoning of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia:
Through modern management, involving all staff in the formulation of development goals, motivating staff to achieve common goals, organisation of processes, promoting networking and responsibility, teamwork, fostering innovation, and moving closer to a thinking organisation, the Director, Jasna Dominko Baloh, ensures sustainable growth of DOBA Business School.

Upon receiving the award, Jasna Dominko Baloh, Director of DOBA Business School, specifically emphasised that the success story of DOBA Business School is being shaped by all – its employees, students, graduates, higher education teachers, online tutors, and companies – and expressed her gratitude to all stakeholders for helping shape this story of success.

Among the numerous awards that the Director Jasna Dominko Baloh received in the past years, the highest national award of the Republic of Slovenia in the field of education needs to be emphasised, which she received in 2000 for successful educational, innovative and organisational work in adult education.

The GZS award is a special recognition that our efforts are being noticed. It is a confirmation of our common knowledge, continuous learning, a common vision and responsibility. We will continue enriching our space with new knowledge and innovative forms of education also in the future.